Great video of an Andrews Doctor of Theology talking about the 1843 chart and how the 2520 is the longest prophecy in the Bible.

Andrews Theologian believes 2520 and talks about it

Korrinna’s Testimony how she came in to the SDA church from
studying the 2520.

Korrinna’s Testimony

The Final Covenant by Wesley Smith – The 2520
The Final Covenant part 1 and The Final Covenant part 2
What is the 2520? This is a solid introduction to the role and purpose of the 2520 time prophecy that was fulfilled in 1844 and how it impacts us as SDA’s today!

3 Responses to VIDEO

  1. jim says:

    I saw your video on “Our Firm Foundation” it is excellent.
    Are the Miller Charts available on line? I have also seen a time line, it is it available to download also?

    Thank you,

  2. serve says:

    The charts and other items with the timelines are available in some of the links in the right column.

  3. jones sandra says:

    Goodday to you I have being studying the 2520 for one year now and to my knowledge it is all bible base especially in proving the same 2520 itself it is not only about numbers but the wonderful numberer himself who is Jesus christ if we as a people would only take the time to sit down and ask for the Holy Spirit to help us understand these truth with pray we will understand IF we want to Know for you see We have one common enemies who will try to stop us from hearing these Truths because there have to do with our Salvation believe it our not remember the whole house of Israel is dry bones Ezekiel ch 37 please it for oneself cause God is speaking to each man personally

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