November 12, 2011
Dear Pastor Ron Fleck, Elders Randy, Charles, Steve, Dwain and Glenn
Subject, “The Real Issue”

Dear Brothers,

Our church weathered the “great disappointment” in the fall of 1844.  God dusted us off and we moved forward.  It was His design, not a mistake, that led the Millerite’s to think the Lord was returning in 1844.  We have a good record of this history.

We were wide awake, however by 1852, Mrs. White was already using the name Laodicea to describe our growing church.  One of Satan’s weapons is to cause God’s people to sleep.  During the transfiguration, a spectacular event… the enemy caused a sleepy stupor to fall on the three disciples.  Today, the enemy is no less involved in casting his hellish stupor over God’s people.

Have you ever watched a blind man?  He will stumble in an unfamiliar setting.  Having a guide is a blessing.  When God’s people became Laodicea, they had to rely on a guide… or stumble.  But blindness is an amazing thing.  It can be like your blind spot.  Have you ever looked and looked for something only to find it was right in front of you?  It was there but you could not see it. When we are blind to something… we don’t know what we do not see… because we don’t see it!

Today…. We have an amazing situation within God’s last day church.  Many of God’s children are saying the 2520 is not in the Bible, not a real prophecy.  Then there is a group saying yes, the 2520 is there, and it is real. One side sees it and one side genuinely does not see it.  What a situation!  Each side is sincere.  Each side is telling what they see or don’t see.  The 2520 is at the top of the 1843 chart.  Everyone can see these numbers even though many think they mean nothing.

Then, the 1850 chart is made at the direction of God.  We are even told God was in the production of it.  Was God snoozing?  I think not.  The 2520 is given more attention on this chart.  Then within 2 short years Mrs. White is telling us we are Laodicea.  Sleep blinded saints.

It seems simple enough.  God wonders whether He will find faith when He returns.  Will He?  Real faith?  By faith, I look at the charts and believe that William Miller, who was not Laodicean, understood the 2520 as he was guided in this study by the Angel Gabriel.  Wow… to have Gabriel by your side guiding you as you study.  He was there with Daniel and John also.  So then, by faith we accept the 2520 even if we don’t understand it.  This is a very safe thing to do.

It is very sad to see, today, that many of God’s children have a sleeping blindness and can not see what others see very clearly.  Even though they see 2520 on the 2 endorsed charts—(the only ones that were ever endorsed) it fazes them no more, than, it fazed the antediluvian’s as they watched all the animals walk in to Noah’s Ark.  This is terrible.  To be blind and not even realize it!  To fight against God and not perceive it!…  To distrust that God had the charts as He wanted them is to twist the writings of the Spirit of Prophecy to fit your preconceived ideas.  This is all happening today.  Why was Mrs. White silent?  The endorsement had already been given.  It is a test of faith.

I want to apologize to you, for not presenting these “present truths” in the proper light where they would be seen rightly for what they are.  I am sorry that I have not had the wisdom to gently show many of you the true relationship of these historic truths.  I am sorry for not praying enough for you, pastor, and you, the elders of the Newport SDA church… that you would be shielded from the enemies who bring this stupor.

Your acknowledgment that you do not see the 2520 in the scriptures is like Belshazzar when he needed Daniel to interpret Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin.  This added up to 2520 and translated meant, You are weighed in the balance and found wanting.  Belshazzar was blind to the writings meaning.  You, the leaders of the Newport SDA church are blind to the 2520 and its deep meanings.  You say you see, but you do not.  You have acknowledged your blindness.

My prayer for you is that you will reconsider and see that Mrs. White indeed does endorse the charts and nothing is to be changed on them.  She was fully aware of the 2520.  Her silence did not negate the truth of the 2520. These charts are the very guide for blind Laodicea.  If I am wrong, you have nothing to fear.  If I am right, you are fighting against God in your public rejection of these truths.  I do not say this lightly.  I say this out of concern for your souls.

I would also like to say that it is God’s purpose that His people be warned before the Sunday Law to repent and get right with Him.  As Steve Wohlberg said during Sabbath School, When SDA’s come to the Sunday Law, they will either choose the Sabbath and be sealed or keep Sunday and accept the Mark of the Beast.  He would not say probation closed, but when a Seventh-day Adventist receives the Mark of the Beast, THEIR probation has terminated.  Period. That is it. Done.  To let church members continue along without the conviction of the truth will be blood upon your record.  The enemy would like to get you to split hairs and get side tracked wondering if this applies to a brand new church member.  We don’t need to go there.  We say in general, the Sunday law time period causes SDA’s to reveal their character.  It is decision time.  They have no more probation after their decision.  This is still a time of mercy for the world that does not know what we know.  Judgment first comes to the house of God.

The loving thing to do is not let the congregation get to that time unprepared.  The wheat and tares grow together.  The tares will resist and fight that such a message of warning should reach the people.  The tares do their father’s bidding.  God’s people do His bidding.  If you are willing to realize you are blind, it is not too late to seek for the eye salve.  Repent and turn from blindness and believe as a child and step once again on the foundation that established us as a church.  Will Jesus find real Faith when He returns?  Believe our history.  That is real faith.  Believe the Spirit of Prophecy simply as it reads – in context.  That is real Faith.

Glenn Woiler


  1. Its unfortunate that leadership doesn’t want to say anything that has the ring of finality to it. Finality offends people, makes them uncomfortable. Its too black-or-white, with no comfortable grey-area to melt away into. The close of probation is a scary thought. And the thought that decisions we make on small matters now will affect how we decide in the final crisis is even scarier. Its time now for those who care to draw close to God.

  2. kari robison says:

    I just want to say, I am very saddened by what has taken place at the Newport church. I hope everyone there enjoys these last Sabbaths together worshiping in sin becouse now you are no different then anyother church, you might as well go worship with the J W’s next door, you have rejected truth, you have not portrayed Christ character to the rest of the world, you have placed judgement on people, which by no means is yours to do, (the wheat and the tares). You have taken on the role of God. Judgement on another mans charater is by no means mans to give. It is not up to us to decide the wheat from the tares. EG White….we are supposed to be a church set apart from the world and the other churches, but if I were a person looking for a church to worship in and found out what had taken place at the Newport SDA church, I can tell you I would turn tail and run from that church becouse that is not a church I would want to be affiliated with after what some of the members just did to some of the other members becouse of something they were studying. Last I checked we still have our religious freedom. I thought it would be the government and the pope and the president who takes our religious freedom away, not someones own church….I am sad to say but I do not see Christ at work in your church anymore. May God have mercy on your souls…. we are all held accountable if we are presented withs truths and we reject them, and also for those we led astray becouse of our disbeliefs… history is repeating itself to the very letter, what has happened in your church is exactly what happened to the milleritte church…if you have not read about that in the great contraversy, then I suggest you do, and if after reading that you can still believe as you do, then I would say to you that Satan has some very dark glasses of deciept over your eyes….our probation is very soon to close and yes before the rest of the worlds, maybe you should reconsider your standings and who you are really worshiping before it is to late…I will be praying for all of you….

  3. kari robison says:

    One more thought… God cannot continue to bless a church or a people who continue to reject his truth, he will withdraw his Holy Spirit from you….take head to whom you pray to, becouse the devil can answer prayers too. Look what happened to saul when he went to the which of endor, he saw Samuel and Samuel (or satan or one of his angels) told Saul what was to happen to him, and guess what it did happen. So Satan knows exactly what he is doing, he knows how to decieve each and everyone of us, that is his speciality. I would strongly urge you to do somemore studying into the 2520 charts and 9/11, very thorough. Studying, and if then and only then you can still say your way is right and true, then, I am sorry to say that God will no longer beable to use you as his servant….

  4. Ginger Brockman says:

    Sweetheart, bury the hatchet. To hash and rehash only deepens the hurt to your own soul and damages your reputation. We humans will let you down every time. Look to Christ who when reviled did not revile, when condemned did not condemn. (“Vengeance is Mine, I will repay”. Heb. 10:30)
    “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him; For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.” Heb 12:5,6

    • serve says:

      Ginger… I put this site up in response to Charles Lawson putting his site up. He would allow no comments from anyone that did not agree with him. A few weeks ago I offered to take this site down if they would do the same. They would not. The truth needs to come out. This has been one big farce. The church business meeting was even a bigger one. Such prejudice was demonstrated. God help the double minded.

  5. Lora says:

    Steve Wohlberg has already demonstrated a history or\f using poor judgment. When as Templeton SDA Pastor he accepted and endorsed, (I have a CD on this sermon) thatJesus would be coming in 5 years by some woman who had a “vision” or encounter with an angel. Instead of inquiring from the people she listed in her “vision” as to their experience with her, (she apparently went to Amazing Facts) he fully accepted everything she said as gospel. It was a real emotional sermon–as if he believed the whole thing. Myself, wanting to verify it’s authenticy, wrote Amazing Facts and found out, oh yes, the woman had presented herself to them. Their letter of response to me mentioned she was a woman of questionable reputation. This occurred around 2003.
    As you can see, Jesus has not come.

  6. Jeff Ruetz says:

    Steve wohlberg has a book out attacking the ”2520”. He says that it is a scheme
    of the devil. This truth that is being resurfaced from our foundation is part of the
    original faith. The 1843 and 1850 charts are directed by the hand of the Lord, according to inspiration. So how can one and an Adventist at that,
    justify it being a scheme of satan? We know that Steve rejects parts of the spirit of prophecy and excepts other parts, the parts he rejects dosent support his private interpretation and rejection of sacred history. (Isa 5:20) Woo to him that calls good evil and evil good….. I pray that God will wake steve up from sleep and anybody that reads his
    book will not be taken in by it , but will as Bereavens study to see if what he says is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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