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Once in a while there is news from the big bad world out there that is worth passing on.  Gary Null usually talks about health related items. On this program, he talked mainly about big bankers controlling the politicians.  He also spends a bit of time talking about the USA now a Police State.  GaryNullShow Nov. 21, 2011 He can be found on the Progresive Radio Network.  The Gary Null Show

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  1. Good afternoon and God Bless from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Hello, my name is pastor Chris Winston of the Remnant Mission Church in Huntsville, AL. We are having a prophecy school here on the dates of Sept. 24 – 29 and we wanted to put that info on you website if possible. Please let me know if that will be possible and I can send you our information for you to look at it. Thank you and God bless!

  2. Jeff Ruetz says:

    Greetings pastor Chris.

    I have a question. A person from my church said that there are not two
    systems of Adventism, meaning that there should not be independent Adventist
    churches. I dont agree with that of course . I do believe that independent Adventist
    churches shouldent dig up dirt against the main body and insinuate that the
    members should leave the main body. I do believe that independent churches
    should speak aginst error that’s being taught , but with all tactfulness and concern
    and not for the purpose recruitment .
    What is your stance on on the above question that there should not be two
    Thank you and God bless

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